Nairobi Ranked 12th Best City to Work in Worldwide

  • An aerial photo of Nairobi
    An aerial photo of Nairobi
    Eddy Mwanza
  • Kenya's capital has been ranked as the 12th best city to work in worldwide according to the latest global ranking. 

    The Expat City Ranking 2021 revealed that Nairobi scooped position 12 out of 57 cities- an 80 percent rise from its previous position in 2020 (62nd).

    Nairobi emerged the best African city- beating top rated cities such as Cape Town (41), Johannesburg (55) and Cairo (52).

    Aerial view of Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue junction in Nairobi CBD.
    Aerial view of Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue junction in Nairobi CBD.

    The report attributed the sharp increase to Nairobi's ease of settling and finding houses. Further, Kenyans living in Nairobi were lauded for their friendly approach to foreigners. 

    In terms of the city's financial situation, Nairobi was ranked sixth globally in regards to ease of finding affordable houses as well as the financial state within the city. 

    "All three African cities featured rank among the bottom 10 in the quality of urban living and urban work life indices, except for Nairobi, which lands in 34th place in the latter index. Nairobi also outperforms the other cities when it comes to the ease of getting settled, as well as finances and housing,” read part of the survey.

    The global report carried out a survey amongst 12,420 respondents in 57 cities.

    It analysed various aspects within the various cities such as housing and cost of living, quality of urban towns, work life balance, finance and ease of settling in order to predict the preferable city of choice for most people.

    The 2020 report ranked Nairobi poorly for the quality of the city and poor public transportation infrastructure despite attractive local climate and weather.

    The survey pointed out that the city insecurity, political instability and high economic living pushed Nairobi to be among the bottom cities worldwide.

    This year's ranking was dragged down by the city's inaccessibility to quality medical care.

    An aerial view Nairobi, Kenya's capital city
    An aerial view Nairobi, Kenya's capital city