How Pastor, Watchman Escaped Kabete Killer Cop Threatening to Shoot Them

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    A collage of Benson Imbatu (L) and a crime scene tape
  • A pastor and a watchman are counting themselves lucky after nearly falling victim to the police officer who killed himself and six others including his girlfriend on Tuesday, December 7.

    Speaking to, a source privy to the incident revealed that Benson Imbatu had threatened to gun down the pastor in what since became a shooting spree.

    The source stated that the local pastor was answering a call of nature in the open in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when the police officer pulled over in his vehicle.

    Benson Imbatu, a police officer attached to the Kabete police station, poses for a photo.
    Benson Imbatu, a police officer attached to the Kabete police station, poses for a photo.
    The Standard

    "He found him urinating in public and pointed the gun (AK47) at him. He then told him that he was lucky that he was a 'man of God', other wise he would have shot him," the insider revealed.

    The pastor, who had taken the statement on a light note, later found out that six people had been killed by Imbatu.

    Earlier, a watchman manning the gate of the compound where the officer and his girlfriend, only identified as Carol, lived stated Imbatu exited his car and banged on the gate, demanding to be allowed to park inside the compound.

    The security guards tried to calm him down, explaining that there was no space.

    He threatened to shoot dead the guards if they did not create space for him but the guards managed to convince him to park outside.

    However, as the police officer walked into the compound, one of the watchmen noticed something was wrong.

    "Some bullets fell to the ground, which the officer picked up before making his way to the apartment. The guard left, fearing for his life," the insider stated.

    Minutes later, they heard a loud bhang after which the officer walked out of the compound, into his car and drove off. The security guards went into the apartment and found it on fire.

    On a chair sat the lifeless body of Carol with three gunshot wounds-two on the neck and one on the chest. Imbatu was later found dead in his car after pulling the trigger on himself.

    Police have launched investigations into the matter. At the time of publication, the motive of the multiple homicides is yet to be established.

    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
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