NTV's Mark Masai Narrates Brief Career in Music

  • An Image of NTV Presenter, Mark Maasai
    An Image of NTV Presenter, Mark Maasai
  • NTV news anchor and presenter Mark Masai on Monday, December 27, opened up about a brief career in music.

    Speaking during an in-house interview, Masai shared about his experience as a singer, stating that it was it was his fondest childhood memory.

    Masai stated that he and his foster brother were part of the African choir which they were introduced to by his foster mother, Mary Wright. Together, the three would travel around singing.

    An Image of NTV Presenter, Mark Maasai.
    An Image of NTV Presenter, Mark Maasai.

    The news anchor stated that the highlight of his career was when the three of them travelled to the United States for a tour.

    "The choir experience of touring the States was awesome," Maasai reminisced.

    Masai noted that although he no longer sings, he still loves music, given that he was raised in a home that loved music.

    The news presenter let in on a personal secret. When answering a question on an item he would always carry with him, he stated that it would be his inhaler adding that it is essential for his breathing.

    "My inhaler, I need it, because I need it to breathe," he stated. 

    He revealed that the trip to the US exposed him to a lot, noting that had he not become a journalist, he would probably have opted to play basketball alongside star Stephen Curry.

    During the interview, Masai stated that he would prefer to dress freely in baggy clothes, rather than the fitting clothes he is required to wear while on air.

    Masai further revealed that his daughter, Nashipai, which translates to happiness in English, is the best gift he has ever received.

    A photo of NTV News Anchor Mark Masai on set.
    NTV News Anchor Mark Masai on set.
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