Mombasa Overtakes Nairobi in New Ranking

  • A person using a mobile phone
    A person using a mobile phone.
  • Mombasa has ranked as the most efficient city in the country, overtaking Nairobi when it comes to fast internet speeds.

    Ookla's Q4 Internet Performance Report released on Wednesday, January 19, indicated that Mombasa was the leading populous town in the country when it comes to both download and upload speeds.

    According to the report, Mombasa leads after recording an average of 30.32 Mbps download speed followed by Kisumu City which recorded a download speed of 24.06 Mbps.

    Nairobi came in third with a speed of 23.58 Mbps followed by Eldoret (19.02 Mbps) and Nakuru (17.22 Mbps).

    An undated photo of Nairobi City's skyline.
    An aerial view of Nairobi City's skyline dated October 2020.
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    In the upload category, Mombasa led with 17.05 Mbps mean upload speed followed by Nairobi at 13.35 Mbps and Eldoret at 11.38 Mbps.

    The report further indicated that iPhone devices took the top 4 slots in the fastest mobile devices when it comes to internet speeds.

    In the last quarter of 2021, iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G recorded the highest download speed at 39.19 Mbps followed by iPhone 12 Pro 5G at 38.33 Mbps.

    iPhone X came in third with a download speed of 28.93 Mbps then iPhone 11 at 26.07 Mbps with Y9 Prime (2019), from Huawei company, closing the top 5 at a download speed of 16.86 Mbps.

    "Apple took four out of the top five spots among popular devices in Kenya during Q4 2021, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G achieving the highest mean download speed at 39.19 Mbps.

    "Mombasa also had the fastest mean fixed broadband download speed at 22.91 Mbps during Q4 2021," read the statement in part.

    The tests were taken the Speedtest Server Network™, a global network of high-performance servers, ready to test the maximum sustained throughput of the user’s connection (download and upload speeds) and to report back on key network health metrics.

    The network carries out more than 10 million daily tests and has more than 14,000 servers globally. It has carried over 35 billion tests since inception.

    Mombasa ranked above Nairobi in Internet speeds.
    Mombasa ranked above Nairobi in Internet speeds by Ookla.