Here Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Nairobi-Report

  • Mbagathi Way footbridge
    An image of Mbagathi Way footbridge under construction.
  • The National Police Service (NPS) on Thursday, February 10, earmarked four roads within Nairobi County as the most dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians.

    In a report released by the police, nearly 60 people have lost their lives in the capital city since the beginning of the year, bringing the average to two people in a day in January.

    According to Nairobi Traffic Police Commander, Joshua Omukata, 32 pedestrians died while 91 were injured. Omukata noted that most of the incidents were hit and runs or collisions along Mbagathi Way, Valley Road, Outering and Thika Roads.

    Nairobi Traffic Police Commander, Joshua Omukata
    Nairobi Traffic Police Commander, Joshua Omukata
    The Standard

    The police boss stated that the majority of the fatalities could have been avoided if pedestrians and motorists adhered to basic traffic rules such as crossing roads using footbridges or at designated areas.

    "Driving recklessly without minding other road users and pedestrians must stop. All pedestrians must also use footbridges constructed for their safety," he noted.

    Motorcycle riders were also pinpointed for reckless riding and breaking traffic laws. Omukata reiterated that motorbikes were only allowed to carry one pillion passenger. 

    "For these ten days alone, 16 motorbike riders, eight pillion passengers and three cyclists passed on. This figure calls us to action as it is quite alarming," he told the media.  

    Police are set to launch a major crackdown in the city that will see pedestrians crossing on non-designated spots and bodaboda riders caught breaking the traffic regulations arrested. 

    In October 2021, over 300 pedestrians were taken into custody for haphazardly crossing the Outering Road without using the footbridge. The sting operation was conducted by the police and the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA).

    The culprits were slapped with fines ranging between Ksh500 and Ksh3,000 before they were released. KURA Director General Engineer Silas Kinoti underlined that the area recorded the highest fatalities of road accidents involving pedestrians in that year.

    “One of the major reasons for accidents is that Kenyans are always in a rush and do not want to take a little effort to protect themselves. This needless loss of lives on our roads is unacceptable,” Kinoti stated.

    Police officers and KURA officials conducted a crackdown in Pipeline Estate, Nairobi, on Friday, October 15, 2021
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