New Govt Plan Where Thika Rd Motorists Will Leave Cars in Kasarani, Use BRT

  • A section of the Thika Superhighway at Survey Underpass
    A section of the Thika Superhighway at Survey Underpass
    Simon Kiragu
  • The government is planning to introduce new park and ride facilities to compel private car owners to use the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system among other means of public transport.

    Speaking to the press on Thursday, February 17, Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga explained that the new facilities would help decongest the roads.

    He argued that matatus, which have for years been accused of causing traffic snarl ups, do not congest Nairobi City roads as much as private vehicles.

    "The people who are congesting the roads are not Matatus. Matatus congest by behaviour but the people who congest the roads are the private vehicles because we have too many of them.

    An image of Charles Hinga
    Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga Mwaura appearing before the National Assembly Transport Committee.
    The Standard

    "Matatus park anywhere leading to congestion but it is something that we can address. For us to really address the issue of congestion, it is the private vehicles," he explained.

    To address the mess, he noted that the government would construct park and ride facilities in peripheral towns such as Kasarani and Ruiru where personal cars would be parked.

    It is however, still not clear how much the motorists would pay for the service but the Ministry assured them of utmost security.

    "We are going to give you an alternative reliable system by giving you a place where you can drive to, for example, Kasarani and you park your vehicle safe and secure. You then get on to a reliable public transport system. We are going to have park and ride facilities in different areas for example in Ruiru, we shall have a park and ride facility at the Railway Station. You can come with your vehicle and park then either take the train or jump onto the BRT.

    "The Park and ride facility will also have Kiss and ride, also called drop-offs designed in such a way that there is good circulation. At the same spot we are going to have last mile providers such as boda bodas, matatus or bicycles," he added.

    For years, the city has been trying find ways to decongest its roads including the introduction of out-of-city bus termini by the Nairobi Metropolitan services.

    Test runs at the Green Park Bus Terminus have proved chaotic leading to more mess in the city than usual. Nairobi depressing traffic costs the country revenue to the tune of Ksh50 million daily.

    According to the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), 90,000 vehicles use Nairobi roads every year hence worsening the traffic situation.

    Thika Road, Nairobi