Murathe's Daughter Exciting Life of Fashion, Travel & Fame

  • Photo collage of David Murathe's daughter June Tutto
    Photo collage of David Murathe's daughter June Tutto
    June Tutto IG Page
  • June Tutto, one of the daughters of the Jubilee Party Vice Chairperson David Murathe, is living a decorated lifestyle defined by fashion, travel, and even fame.

    Tutto, who recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has never shied away from documenting her adventures and achievements despite being the daughter of one of the powerful kingmakers in President Uhuru Kenyatta's government.

    She owns a lucrative clothing line known as Tutto by June. The brand makes the most sought clothing designs for both males and females attracting clients from all over the world with her base being the Stockholm design.

    File Photo of June Tutto reading a book
    File Photo of June Tutto reading a book
    June Tutto IG Page

    In Stockholm, June has partnered with Kenko design and FC Design based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    Born and raised in Kenya, June noted that her motivation to launch a fashion brand was informed by watching her mother dress up when she was a young girl.

    As she grew older she used fashion as a form of expression through various stages of her life.  So far she has fused her passion to create her own brand image - Street Glam.

    June's achievements in fashion include showcasing at world iconic stages such as Netherlands fashion week, Fashion exhibitions in Venice Beach California and Melrose in Los Angeles.

    Her achievements and the increasing popularity have further been catapulted by her unique marketing design where she releases limited editions of her clothing brands only once a year, in the month of June.

    "Focusing on ethical and sustainable approaches in fashion production, the brand launches a new collection only once a year in the month of June which is available all year round for pre-order, including a limited-edition accessory drop in Autumn and Spring," Tutto describes her work on her website.

    Other than, investing in fashion, her life is characterised by a lot of fun activities such as travelling for adventure. She has toured different parts of the world including Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal among other countries.

    In 2020, she made headlines after throwing a lavish birthday party at her family ranch in Kiambu.  

    The white-themed event was a spectacular occasion with a live band, flashy sports cars, elegant fashion, a gourmet buffet and exotic champagne to top it off.

    The event was graced by friends, family, and personalities such as James Muigai, Miano Muchiri, Millu Elba, Linda Ndiritu among others.

    Murathe's other daughter is known as Waturi Wakairu Wamboye. She got hitched to the love of her life, Ernest Wakhusama, at a colourful and private wedding held at the Brackenhurst Hotel in Limuru in 2012.

    The event was attended by some of Murathe's friends such as George Muhoho, then Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu as well as former Limuru MP George Nyanja, James Nyoro, among others. 

    David Murathe and his children including his daughter June Tutto
    David Murathe and his children including his daughter June Tutto
    June Tutto IG Page