Family Reveals Sankok Son's Last Moments

  • Nominated MP David ole Sankok addresses a gathering in 2019
    Nominated MP David ole Sankok addresses a gathering in 2019
  • Tuesday, May 3: Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok has been questioned by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over his son's demise. 

    The legislator was asked to give an account of the events that led to Memusi Sankok's suicide. 

    Preliminary reports had established that Sankok had an altercation with his son, an hour before he took his life. Investigators also recorded statements from his wife, family members and workers. 


    New details have emerged regarding the demise of Memusi Sankok, the fourth-born child of Nominated Member of Parliament David Sankok. 

    Family sources intimated to the media that the legislator had differences with his son over his academic performance. 

    Memusi, who passed away on Monday afternoon, May 2, died after he shot himself using his father's shotgun in one of the rooms at their family home in Narok County. 

    Nominated MP David Ole Sankok
    Nominated MP David Ole Sankok.
    David Ole Sankok

    They further stated that the 15-year-old student at Kericho High school was set to report back to school the previous week at a time when his father was in the Middle East attending to political matters. 

    The family revealed that Sankok sent pocket money, which the son took and allegedly disappeared from their home, only to return on Monday, May 2, the same day as his father. 

    Seeking to find out the reason for his son's truancy, Sankok summoned him for a talk. During the conversation, the boy is said to have insisted that he was tired of going back to school.

    According to the family, this did not sit well with Sankok who left in order to attend to political meetings at his Osim country lodge farm. The legislator had left instructions for Memusi to report back to school. 

    The family intimated that the incident occurred less than an hour later, with members finding the body lying in a pool of blood. 

    Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed that Memusi shot himself on the chin, dying on the spot. 

    Narok DCI boss Mwenda Ethaiba stated that Sankok's shotgun was found beside the body at around 4pm on Monday, May 2. 

    The body of the deceased was ferried to the Narok County Referral Hospital Mortuary, as police continued with investigations in order to probe the unfortunate incident.

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