WhatsApp Changes Terms of Leaving a Group

  • WhatsApp Messenger Mobile Application downloaded on phone
    WhatsApp Messenger Mobile Application downloaded on phone.
  • Users of the ubiquitous social media giant, WhatsApp, will now be able to secretly exit group chats.

    A report by WABetaInfo released on Tuesday, May 18, individuals will be allowed to exit the groups without a notification alerting the members about their departure.

    The outlet further indicated that the feature was already in development but did not divulge information on when it would be rolled out worldwide.

    The development, once complete, will be a departure from the current feature which notifies all members once one of them decides to leave or is removed by the administrators.

    A prompt to exit Whatsapp Group silently.
    A prompt to exit WhatsApp Group silently.

    In the new feature, when an individual opts to leave a group, only the administrators will be notified. The users will receive a prompt notifying them that, 'Only you and group admins will be notified that you left the group'.

    It is, however, not clear whether all members will be notified when one administrator removes a user from a particular group.

    Also in the works is a feature that will allow rich links to resolve and display details of the landing page's website once its URL is shared on a WhatsApp status.

    According to the media outlet, the rich link will provide more information to users about the website before they click to check the content.

    Today, the WhatsApp status only shows a URL link to users and they can only get an idea of its content once they click through.

    WhatsApp has experienced unprecedented growth since its inception in 2009 and currently serves over 2 billion people worldwide.

    It has since surpassed its sister social media platform, Facebook, which has 1.3 billion active users. In Kenya, it is estimated that 97 per cent of messaging application users are on WhatsApp.

    On the African continent, the application is the most popular with over 100 million users.

    A person using a mobile phone
    A person using a mobile phone.