Frank Obegi's Mother: Lavish Lifestyle Was a Lie, He Borrowed Ksh70 From Me

Photo collage of Frank Obegi, popular influencer who was found murdered
Photo collage of Frank Obegi, a popular influencer who was found murdered

A lavish lifestyle allegedly lived by slain blogger Fred Obegi and that he displayed on social media platforms was all but a lie according to his mother.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, June 23, from their native home in Nyamira county, Obegi's mother detailed that her son lived an honest life with struggles. In their last phone conversation before she received news of his demise, she revealed that he called her begged her to send Ksh70 bob to him.

His mum dispelled reports that Obegi led a flashy life filled with a bevy of beautiful ladies and friends with connections at high places.

Frank Obegi's mum addressing the media on Thursday June 23, 2022
Frank Obegi's mum addressing the media on Thursday, June 23, 2022.
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"Just a day before he was found murdered, he called me asking for only Ksh70. I was together with his uncle and I told him that I did not have the money at that moment," Obegi's mother revealed.

To corroborate the family claims, one of the deceased's kin noted that they do not have enough money to buy a coffin leave alone accord him a befitting send-off.

"You have all seen that here we don't have anything, even ferrying the body from Nairobi was very difficult. Even now we do not have the funds to purchase a coffin. If the money they are talking about is indeed in existence, they should release some so that we use it to fund his funeral," one of his relatives stated.

Using popular slang, things are different on the ground, his brother claimed that Obegi only took the perfect pictures to light up his social media timeliness but in real life, he was struggling.

"Obegi could board a flight when he stumbled on some money but that did not mean he was rich. My brother could even call home to beg for Ksh100 to buy food," he told the media.

On the other hand, Obegi's father maintained that his son was well cultured and honest. He dismissed reports that he was involved in an online fraud syndicate.

The family has called on investigative agencies to expedite the probe into the murder of their son whose body was badly mutilated and dumped in Kijabe forest.

Obegi's family report comes just a day after a mysterious lady allegedly claimed that she was conned Ksh100,000 by one of the deceased, Fred Obare, in an academic writing scam. 

However, Kasarani OCPD, Peter Mwanzo, confirmed that he is yet to receive police reports on the latest claims labeled against the four.

"The DCI was to record statements from two complainants. So the Directorate ought to have the progress on the situation," Mwanzo stated. 

Photo collage of Frank Obegi's mum and their rural home
Photo collage of Frank Obegi's mum and their rural home
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