Nick Ndeda Announces Return to Radio After One Year Break

  • File Photo of Microphone in a radio station set up
    File Photo of Microphone in a radio station set up
  • Media personality Nick Ndeda on Saturday, June 25, announced that he would be making a return to radio after taking a break from showbiz for nearly one year.

    In a statement by Ndeda, he revealed that he had joined national broadcaster KBC and would premier in the Breakfast Club show at the KBC English Service.

    The political and current affairs show was relaunched with the media personality gracing the airwaves for three hours.

    A Picture of Nick Ndeda
    A Image of Nick Ndeda

    "I was taught to never say never, so, here we go! This time we are doing it for the country! The all-new Breakfast Club; fast, flair, fun. From 6.00 am to 9.00 am," he declared.

    Ndeda will join veteran journalist John Karani, who has been single-handedly running the show. He will bring in his industry experience to appeal to the broadcaster's audience. 

    The state broadcaster has suffered dwindling fortunes in the past two decades, falling from dominating television and radio audience, to near obliteration with less than two per cent of the radio market share.

    Part of the criticism has been that KBC stations have been notoriously slow in moving with the market trends - including relying on the same presenters who were in the prime two decades ago. Ndeda's signing is part of a new effort to have fresh blood at the english service. 

    He was welcomed to the station by some of the presenters including Catherine Ndonye, who hosts the Sundowner, and some of his fans who have followed him throughout his career.

    "Ndeda is back home. Your Breakfast Club will never be the same. Welcome to the fold brother," Ndonye wrote. "My favorite is back. In me, you've a lifetime fan who never gives up on you," Kelvin Jomo wrote.

    The renown journalist took a break from the limelight in January 2021 after resigning from Kiss FM after two years. Prior to Kiss, he was a presenter at XFM, an entity under the Radio Africa Group, for seven years.

    Nick's career in the media spans nearly 15 years. He began his journery as a presenter in 2007 after he joined at Homeboyz Radio as a stand-in breakfast show host as well as a daily youth empowerment host.

    He moved to Hot 96 in 2010 where he doubled in as a Deputy Programmes Controller and as a radio host. He had a brief stint on TV where he hosted The Great Kenyan Bake Off on KTN.

    In addition, he  boasts of a prolific career in acting, making an appearance in local shows Selina, and Higher Learning and South Africa’s MNet’s show Jacob's Cross.

    Ndeda was named the best TV host during the 2020 Kalasha Awards. Following his resignation from Kiss FM, he focused on content creation on his YouTube channel and runs a podcast.

    Nick Ndeda in action during Selina Show
    Nick Ndeda during action during Selina Show
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