Meet Kenyan Engineer Converting Containers Into Ksh3M Luxury Homes

Kenyan engineer Sammy Nyiri and a container based house.
Kenyan engineer Sammy Nyiri (Left) and a container house.

As one traverses through Ndenderu in Kiambu county, a container house stands out due to its simplistic yet luxurious nature. 

The house exudes an artistic nature, full of DIY (Do it Yourself) artifacts and pieces that catch one's eye.

Sammy Nyiri, a mechanical engineer, is the brains behind the idea. He detailed to Citizen Digital as to why he opted for the unique concept, stating that the idea was born after he came across a great deal for containers being sold at an auction. 

A container home built by Kenyan engineer, Sammy Nyiri.
A container home built by Kenyan engineer, Sammy Nyiri.

"I got the property through a friend but building the container was by chance because I had gone to an auction.

"There was a company closing shop and they were selling containers. I wanted one container for a my business store but they were selling in lots and they wanted everything cleared. When I saw the offer, I bought four of them at a cheap price," he narrated.

He noted that it took him six months to transform the four containers into a luxury home, splashing over Ksh3 million on the project.

The engineer noted that he worked with local fundis to help out with the furniture, but he mainly dealt with the nitty-gritties of the house. 

Among the biggest challenges he experienced was the process of transforming the idea on paper into a reality due to the issue of space. Another challenge was dealing with the faulty fundis who would construct the wrong piece of items, further hindering the overall finishing process.

In order to capitalise on the environment, Nyiri uses a solar system to power the container. He built 60 feet deep well for solar water heating which consists of a 300-litre water heater that utilizes six solar panels during the day and batteries at night. Further, he had to hire contractors to prepare the road leading to his house.  


The ground floor of the house consists of one bedroom that has a rustic feel as well as a bathroom area which consists of a spacious bathtub and tiled floors. 

The kitchen area consist of all amenities such as a fridge, gas cooker, and enough room for three people to prepare meals.

As one heads upstairs, they head to the gaming area which consists of board games, darts, pool table and comfy furniture that gives a smooth relaxing vibe. Another bedroom is featured on the second floor with a double decker bed and nifty antiques. 

Nyiri's compound consists of a grass carpet open area suited for cookouts and lounging. 

Operations taking place at Naivasha Inland Container Depot
Operations taking place at Naivasha Inland Container Depot