Affluent Kenyans Who Own Private Jets

A photo of a charter plane at an airport in the US.
Bayron Aviation

Private jets have become the standard highly overdetermined relic of the wealthy and modern Kenyans.

Only a handful of wealthy Kenyans are in possession of these exclusive planes.

Kenya's business moguls do not shy away from buying private jets but most choose to keep their lifestyles private.

Herein are billionaires and multi-millionaires who can afford to splurge on the luxuries that come with owning private jets.

File photo of an airplane in the sky
File photo of an airplane in the sky

Chris Kirubi 

The late Kirubi was known for living large. A mentor to many, Kirubi is remembered for being among the first Kenyans to express his love of private jets.

In 2017, he was among the target market by Dassault Aviation who wanted to sell him one at a whooping Ksh3 billion.

The Capital Group chairman did not hide his joy during a tour inside one of the private business jets- the Dassault Falcon 2000 LXS. 

It is not clear if this is the exact jet Kirubi bought but he sure took to the skies in his own private jet.

Humprey Kariuki 

The multi-billion businessman is a proud owner of the Bombardier Challenger 350 private jet.

He is alleged to have bought the private plane for an estimated Ksh2.5 billion. 

So how did he amass his wealth? Over the course of the past three decades, Ndegwa established his company, Janus Continental Group, one of the largest companies in East Africa.

The entrepreneur started as a civil servant working at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). He later ventured into hospitality, managing the Green Corner Restaurant in Nairobi CBD before expanding into other sectors including wines and spirits imports and petroleum. 

He also has business interests in South Africa.

Julius Mwale

YouTuber Miss Trudy gave a tour of the private jet owned by Mwale during a trip to the United States.

Mwale has been at the centre of power and innovation for many years since making a fortune in the technology industry

He owns a Gulfstream G450 that is not only the best large-cabin, long-range business jet in its class but also a direct descendent of the storied GIV-series aircraft, the best-selling business jet in the world.

The Gulfstream G450 costs somewhere between Ksh3-4 billion.

The Kenyan philanthropist, who comes from Kakamega County, currently lives in New York neighbouring fellow billionaires Bill Gates, Former President Donald Trump and Investor George Soros.

Nicholas Biwott 

The late billionaire was among the first Kenyans to possess a private jet. Biwott was once listed as one of the richest people in Africa, with a net worth of Ksh118 billion. 

An image of Cessna 152 at an airport.
An image of Cessna 152 at an airport.

Musa Gurian

The miraa businessman reportedly owns a dozen planes, mostly Cessnas and Pipers, which he uses to transport the commodity. 

The Nation reported that in Kenya, a small used Cessna goes for Ksh2.7 million while a used Cessna 182 costs north of Ksh8.9 million.