Little-Known Details Of Raila's Longest Serving Spokesman

  • Azimio La Umoja flag bearer Raila Odinga and his personal spokesman Dennis Onyango.
    Azimio La Umoja flag bearer Raila Odinga and his personal spokesman Dennis Onyango.
  • Azimio la Umoja flagbearer, Raila Odinga, is a man known for his well crafted and organised communication to the public, thanks to his spokesperson. Majority have confused him for Raila's bodyguard, a tall dark gentleman who always walk behind him.

    His name is Dennis Onyango, a journalist by training and whose main job is to guard Raila's image in the communication world. reached to a source close to Onyango, his neighbour in the village - who remained scanty with details about his private life - but who noted that he has worked with the former Prime Minister for over 15 years.

    "I cannot say much about him but he has worked with Raila since the grand coalition government that was led by the late President Mwai Kibaki," said Mark Omondi, Onyango's village mate and one of Azimio's campaign strategists.

    ODM leader Raila Odinga's spokesperson Dennis Onyango
    ODM leader Raila Odinga's spokesperson Dennis Onyango

    He was appointed as Raila's personal assistant in 2008, after the ODM boss was named the country's Prime Minister following the contested 2007 General Election.

    For a while now, Onyango has used his media skills to ensure Raila is not portrayed in bad light, managing all the press conferences and other media engagements.

    He is a key stakeholder in Raila’s media life where he reportedly plans on who can have engagements with the African Union (AU) envoy. 

    In June 2020, he went on a tirade against Deputy President William Ruto and the whole Kenya Kwanza coalition poking holes at Ruto's political strategy of demonising Raila. Onyango noted that the strategy would not stop Raila's 2022 State House bid.

    "Deputy President, you are going down. You are not the first to walk that path. There is room to go down with dignity and return to glory later.

    "Get some brains around you. Insults, hacking, faking are what has driven you to this ditch. Get some brains around you," the spokesperson advised at the time.

    Onyango has continuously practiced his journalistic skills despite managing Raila's communications department. He is a contributing author for one of Nation Media Group's (NMG) news outlets, Nation Africa, with 907 articles so far. 

    Majority have also confused Onyango's role with that of Professor Makau Mutua. While unveiling his campaign strategy, Raila named Mutua his Spokesperson of the 2022 presidential campaign secretariat as well as head of its think tank.

    Mutua works in handy with former KTN investigative journalist, Dennis Onsarigo, who was appointed Raila's press secretary.

    Onsarigo coordinates all media relations needs and engagement of his 2022 campaign secretariat.

    An image of Makau Mutua
    Professor Makau Mutua at a past event.