Inside 47 Ambitious Kenya Kwanza Agreements With Counties

  • Ruto signs contracts with the 47 counties
    Deputy President William Ruto ( center) signs the charters on Friday, August 5 at the CUEA.
  • The Kenya Kwanza leadership has ratified agreements with the 47 county governments detailing the coalition’s agenda for each of the devolved units. The coalition also detailed its commitment to addressing the plight of Kenyans living and working in the diaspora. 

    Deputy President William Ruto on Friday, August 5, led the Kenya Kwanza brigade in the signing of the 47 charters at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA). 

    The charters, according to the coalition, are the culmination of the economic forums held in the 47 counties prior to the Kenya Kwanza manifesto launch. 

    Ruto signs contracts with the 47 counties
    Deputy President William Ruto addresses delegates at the CUEA on Friday, August 5 during the signing of the covenants with the counties.

    While addressing delegates in the Friday night event, Ruto intimated that the signed covenants were an indication that the country has morphed into issue-based politics. 

    “I stand here very proud that at least we have changed the conversation in our country. It has been about how to create opportunities in our agriculture and how to create opportunities in our enterprise.

    “We have made the conversation of this country to be about issues that affect Kenya,” remarked Ruto.

    The charters were blended to form a contract with promises made to every unit. Key among the components in the contract is value addition in agriculture. According to Ruto, his government will endeavor to ensure farmers reap maximum benefits from their agricultural activities. 

    He specifically mentioned tea and coffee farming stating that cartels and middlemen have been a stumbling block to farmers reaping maximum benefits from the two cash crops. Further, Ruto stated that the poor prices of tea had compelled some people to resort to Rwanda for better prices. 

    “There are people in Kenya doing value addition of tea in Rwanda because we have a challenge in Kenya. I have made a commitment to the investors who want to work with us and with the farmers,” Ruto promised. 

    Still on agriculture, the Kenya Kwanza leadership promised to address the plight of fishermen, particularly in the lake region. The deputy president promised to provide storage facilities and fishing equipment which have been a challenge to the industry in the country.

    In addition, Ruto vowed to monitor the import of fish from China which was raised by fishermen in Kisumu. 

    In line with the Kenya Kwanza proposed economic model, the DP also committed to ensuring access to credit facilities for small-scale traders in the country. 

    Diaspora Minister

    To address the issues facing Kenyans living in the diaspora, Ruto promised to form a special Ministry of Diaspora. The Kenya Kwanza leader noted that the impact of the members of the diaspora community who invest in Kenya is not to be overlooked and as such the government should address the challenges facing them. 

    Ruto further noted that the contract is a statement that his leadership is prepared to deliver on its promises. According to the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate, the contract would form the basis upon which his leadership will be appraised at the of his term - if elected as president. 

    Kenya Kwanza economic advisor, David Ndii, corroborated Ruto’s remarks, adding that his chances of vying for a second term will be dependent on his performance based on the promises entrenched in the contract. According to Ndii, the coalition’s delegates will use the contract as the marking scheme to decide on whether the DP deserves a second term or not. 

    “This contract, which means the fifth President, will be the first to be told by his party that you are not automatically entitled to a nomination for a second term, his nomination will be subject to performance,” stated Ndii.

    Deputy President William Ruto at Kasarani Stadium during the launch of Kenya Kwanza manifesto on Thursday June 30,2022
    Deputy President William Ruto at Kasarani Stadium during the launch of the Kenya Kwanza manifesto on Thursday, June 30,2022