Five Ways First-Time Owners Can Protect Cars From Theft

Someone trying to break into a parked car.
Someone trying to break into a parked car.

Cases of motorists losing their cars in various parts of the city have increased, with first-time buyers and owners largely affected. 

Most of the victims lose their cars in parking lots in the city and estates back home. 

First-time car owners can, to that effect, adopt simple hacks such as using alarms, installing trackers and securing a fob for push-button ignition, among others.

How to Protect Your Car


File photo of used cars in a yard
File photo of used cars in a yard


Some of the victims park their vehicles in poorly lit areas exposing them to robbers. Car enthusiasts argue that it is advisable to park in well-lit areas to help deter thieves.

Also, normalise using recognised parking lots which use the county's revenue collection systems, provide security and other properly outlined structures. 

Leaving Car's Ignition Off

Rookie drivers end up losing their cars by leaving the engine running to allow the vehicles to warm up. 

In most cases, they lose their automobiles as it only takes a few seconds for a carjacker to speed off. 

"Never leave your vehicle running in your driveway to warm it up. It warms up better when you’re driving it anyway. And never hide a spare key in your vehicle. Professional thieves will look for those as well," car enthusiasts warn. 

Installing Trackers

Most brand-new vehicles come without trackers, loophole thieves capitalise on while carjacking. 

But the simple and most secure way to protect your car is by installing a tracker. Different car dealers and mechanics offer tracking services in the country.

The tracker device is usually installed at a secret place - mostly under the vehicle's dash - and linked with the owner's phone. This helps them to track their cars as it provides real-time information on the car's location.

Proper keeping of the Key Fob

File photo of a key fob
File photo of a key fob.

A key fob is a small remote device that allows owners to control a remote keyless entry system. With a key fob, one doesn’t need an actual key to gain entry into your car. 

The key fob uses radio frequencies to communicate with and control a car. 

However, it has turned out to be the weakest link in automobile technology. Most drivers leave the key fobs in unsafe places allowing robbers to easily access their cars. 

"Leaving your fob in the vehicle such as your coat pocket, coin tray, console, etc is asking for trouble especially if you leave your coat in the backseat and forget about it when you leave the vehicle. It’s so much easier to steal a vehicle with the key or fob to assist you," Safe Driver, a car safety website states.

Installing Alarm System

An audible alarm system is also key to protecting a car from being stolen. The alarm sound is capable of chasing off a potential thief and alerting the unsuspecting owner. 

Other simple but common mistakes that lead to car thefts include leaving windows and car doors open and leaving valuables inside a vehicle thus attracting thieves.

Always report a car break-in or theft to law enforcement officers for professional assistance. 

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