Ruto Sends Message to Paul Gicheru's Family

  • Photo collage between President William Ruto and the late lawyer Paul Gicheru
    Photo collage between President William Ruto and the late lawyer Paul Gicheru.
    William Ruto and Nation
  • President William Ruto condoled with the family of lawyer Paul Gicheru as they laid him to rest in Nakuru on Thursday, October 6.

    Through a message read by Simon Gicharu, Mt Kenya University founder, Ruto eulogised the late Gicheru as a transformative legal practitioner who spearheaded different reforms in the country.

    The President added that throughout his career, Gicheru championed justice for all people in the country.

    "We have lost an indebted lawyer who made a contribution to people's progression.

    An image of ICC suspect Paul Gicheru who died on September 27, 2022.
    An image of ICC suspect Lawyer Paul Gicheru who died on September 26, 2022.

    "Paul Gicheru Njoroge was a fine legal mind and a master of equal justice," Simon Gicharu read out the condolence message.

    The message was delivered by United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominated MP, Joseph Wainaina, who then invited Gicharu to read it out to the mourners.

    Wainaina was forced to send another version of Ruto's eulogy after reportedly forgetting the original copy in the car. 

    "Gicheru was a close ally to our President William Ruto. Everything else you have heard is just propaganda," Wainaina stated while calling for family unity.

    He also cautioned the family against battling for his wealth and other matters in court. 

    On the hand, Gicharu vowed to continue supporting Gicheru's kids and promised to lobby his friends to complete the projects he had launched, including a library at a local school.

    Gicheru was pronounced dead after collapsing at his Karen home on Monday, September 26. 

    Addressing the media, Senior Counsel John Khwaminwa ruled out poisoning as the cause of death and further confirmed that his son, who collapsed following Gicheru's demise, was recuperating.

    "It appears as if Paul Gicheru was not himself, he was in a stressful condition. That's what I'm able to gather. What I'm reading on social media that he probably ate some food and so on it doesn't appear to be so," he stated.

    The suspect was a key suspect accused of witness interference at the International Criminal Court. During the last hearing, Gicheru denied all the allegations levelled against him.

    Lawyer Paul Gicheru during the opening of his case on Tuesday February 15, 2022
    Lawyer Paul Gicheru during the opening of his case on Tuesday, February 15, 2022
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