MP James Gakuya Gives Out Entire Salary to Aid Stranded Residents

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Members of Parliament during a session in the 12th Parliament.

Embakasi North Member of Parliament James Gakuya on Tuesday, November 1, revealed that he uses his salary to help his constituents.

While appearing in an interview with NTV's James Smart, Gakuya stated that his selfless act was born when needy Kenyans approached him with requests for financial support that he claimed he can't turn down.

Touched, the lawmaker explained that he supports them willingly - a departure from the rhetoric where politicians turn their back on voters after ascension to the August House

"What I earn from politics, totally lands in the hands of people.

"If I am not a giver who assists people in their time of need, then I am losing a point somewhere," the lawmaker told the broadcaster.

Embakasi North MP John Gakuyo.
Embakasi North MP John Gakuyo.

Besides tabling his residents' needs in Parliament, Gakuya believes that there's more to just offering basic essential services to people.

Considering the many issues facing local people, the MP suggests that the government should create a strategy that offers more financial support to needy Kenyans.

"I can build roads, I can connect water and do everything else but people have their individual problems. There's no single kitty that we, the members of parliament, are able to access to assist individuals in that direction.

"There are burials, there are hospital bills, and there are many other things that are down there in society. How do you cope with them? And these are people who are knocking on your door every day. Then you have to be ready to contribute to such kinds of needs every day," Gakuya added.

The MP further revealed that he alternatively earns from his businesses after giving out his salary.

As a business mogul, he credits most of his success to the extensive network earned from his position as an MP.

"The one thing I can tell you is that at least a member can be able to be helped by the position he holds, one thing is that I am a businessman and I rely mostly on business and I network more.

This image of being a member can be an opportunity to network more and build my empire of business more," he concluded.

Embakasi North James Gakuya at a past function
Embakasi North James Gakuya at a past function