Govt's Mandatory Requirements Before Approving New Building Projects

Workers at a building under construction
Workers at a building under construction in Nairobi County on November 2021.
Construction in Kenya

As the real estate sector continues to boom, the government on the hand is putting up measures to ensure developers adhere to approved standards.

Securing project registration is one key requirement that developers and new homeowners have to strictly adhere to before setting up structures

The National Construction Authority (NCA) is tasked with undertaking the function which is enshrined under Section 17 of the NCA Regulations 2014.

"An owner shall make an application for registration of a project to the Authority in writing within thirty days from the date on which a tender for construction works, contract or project is awarded to a contractor registered under this Act," NCA statement on its website read in part.

The Lamu County Government Headquarters under construction in Mokowe
The Lamu County Government Headquarters under construction in Mokowe.
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Through NCA online portal, developers and new homeowners can apply for project registration after meeting a set of requirements set by the government.

Registration Requirements

For any building to be approved, the contractor and sub-contractor must be registered by NCA and must have a valid practising license for the current financial year.

The consultants, for example, the engineer, architect, and quantity surveyor must be duly registered with their respective professional regulatory bodies, such as the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS).

Developers must have approved architectural and structural drawings and physical planning forms.

Homeowners and developers are also required to obtain regulatory approvals, such as from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) for structures near airports and airstrips.

They must also provide supervision commitment letters from consultants, contractors and other developers.

A Bill of quantities summary page duly signed and stamped by the quantity surveyor is also required for the structure to be registered by NCA.

During the process, a copy of the developer's Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN is also required by NCA before registering a building and paving the way for construction.

Depending on the projects being undertaken, the government sets other requirements that regulate the real estate sector.

Ready built affordable housing units by the Kenyan Government in Nairobi
Ready built affordable housing units by the Kenyan Government in Nairobi