Sakaja Bans Clubs in Nairobi Estates, Sets Time for Loud Music

Nairobi Governor addresses the media on November 4, 2022.
Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja addresses the media on November 4, 2022.
Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi governor, Johnson Sakaja, on Friday, November 25, banned nightclubs from operating in residential areas. 

Sakaja cancelled the licenses issued and ordered his officers not to renew the permits for the aforementioned facilities. 

"Those already issued are hereby cancelled, and the establishments may continue operating as bars and restaurants only.

"Henceforth, nightclub licenses will be issued to premises only within the Central Business District and specified streets in other non-residential areas," he added. 

File photo of revellers at a nightclub in Nairobi.
A photo of revelers on the dancefloor at a nightclub in Nairobi.
Kenya Pics

The governor cited the numerous complaints from the public on noise emanating from bars, restaurants, nightclubs and liquor-selling premises. He further barred the joints from playing loud music past 10 pm. 

"Bars and restaurants in residential areas must operate within the specified time and control noise emanating from their premises. 

"All liquor-selling premises in the county should provide sufficient parking for clientele," he directed.

According to the county boss, vehicles causing obstruction along roads and footpaths will be impounded. 

On October 3, 2022 Richard Ngatia, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) chairperson saved 43 Nairobi clubs that were facing closure over noise pollution.

Ngatia secured a deal with Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licencing Board to temporarily halt the directive from taking effect.

He advised entertainment joints across the city to adhere to stipulated guidelines regarding noise pollution by ensuring that their clients do not cause commotion further escalating tussles with residents.

Director of Liquor Licensing, Hesbon Angwena, had cited a similar reason to Sakaja's - a series of complaints raised by residents. 

Angwena had also instructed his officers to cancel, revoke and close affected clubs.

Undated file image of a fully packed nightclub in Kenya.
Undated file image of a fully packed nightclub in Kenya.