Ways to Keep Your Schoolkid Busy During December Holidays

A Collage of Images of Kids engaging in different activities
A collage of images of school-kids engaging in different activities to keep them busy during the holidays.

All schools across the country closed for the December holidays over this past week. This is expected to be the longest holiday since the pandemic outbreak in early 2020.

The kids are now expected to stay at home for close to two months considering that the government announced January 23, 2023, as the tentative opening date for schools.  

However, with the children being at home for two months, parents are likely to have a hard time keeping them in control while attending to their busy schedules in search of school fees

Here are five easy strategies that parents can use to keep their schoolkids busy during this holiday  


A homeschool teacher taking a student through a lesson
A homeschool teacher taking a student through a lesson

This is a trend that is quickly picking up pace across the country with parents engaging teachers to homeschool their kids during the holidays. Considering that teachers are also on holiday, most of them are offering homeschooling classes at affordable costs. All you need to do is a background check on the teacher before engaging their services to ensure the best outcome for your kid.

Coding Classes

As the world quickly becomes digital, equipping your child with basic coding and digital skills will set them apart from the rest. There are several organizations that are offering coding classes within our neighborhoods. Check out the requirements and see if you can sign up your kid for such classes. 

Neighborhood Sports Teams

Every neighborhood has a sports team, especially football. Check out the ones that exist within your locality, get to know the coaches, and enroll your child in such teams. These teams often have daily training sessions for different age groups. Enrolling your kid in a team within their age group will not only keep him busy and fit but also help him keep in touch with his age mates. 

Swimming Classes

While the weather may not allow for this activity considering how much it is currently raining, this is an idea that you can shelve for sunny days. Good thing is, almost every neighborhood has a swimming pool and you don't have to be a registered member to use them. Therefore, taking your kids for swimming lessons once in a while can help break the monotony.

Learn a Musical Instrument

School-going children are at an age where they are ready to learn and discover their interests and new things in life. With the number of churches and other organizations offering music and classes on other musical instruments, this is an opportunity for you to equip your kid with new skills. Find out information about these opportunities and register your kid so that they are kept busy learning how to play an instrument of their choice. 

A music teacher showing their student how to play a violin
A music teacher showing their student how to play a violin