Govt Regulations & Process of Changing Business Name

A collage photo of business shops within Nairobi CBD.
A collage photo of business shops within Nairobi CBD.
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More often than not, Kenyans change various official business particulars such as names and addresses among others for various reasons.

Unknown to many, there are laid down procedures one is expected to follow in order to legally make the changes

According to the Business Registration Services (BRS), business owners can also change the names of officials following the resignation of an individual among others.

Notably, the review and approval of changes take five days.

e-citizen platform
A photo of the e-citizen platform

How to Change a Business Name

1. Upon logging into the eCitizen platform, one is required to select the BRS and view the business name under my business category.

2. Click maintain company and select the make application option. 

3. One will then be provided with the change particulars option.

4. Choose the changed name and insert the list of preferred names. One is charged Ksh150 for each name search.

"Once the name is reserved, access the application through the same process -as highlighted above. The system will select the reserved name. Highlight the name, click view and proceed with the change," BRS stated.

5. Immediately after a form BN4 will be auto-generated with one required to print the document.

6. Write the changes you want to effect in the business name. For Example, I am changing the business name from A to B. Afterwards, write your name and ID number, sign scan the document and upload it.

"The Business Name registration certificate must be uploaded in its respective window," BRS stated.

7. Upon completion one is charged Ksh850 pending review and approval by the government agency.

File image of Kenyan banknotes
File image of Kenyan banknotes