Gidi Na Ghost: Behind the Scenes Emotions and How Radio Presenters Cry

  • A collage of Radio Jambo presenters 'Ghost' Mulee (left) and Joseph Oyoo 'Gidi Gidi' (right)
    A collage of Radio Jambo presenters 'Ghost' Mulee (left) and Joseph Oyoo 'Gidi Gidi' (right)
  • Morning radio shows in Kenya were revolutionised when a new program christened ‘Patanisho’ took over the airwaves by a storm 9 years ago.

    The morning show is hosted by Joseph Oyoo aka ‘Gidi’ with Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee as his co-host at Radio Africas’ Radio Jambo - one of the country's popular stations.

    Patanisho loosely translated to reconciling seeks to mitigate couples' life struggles who have domestic friction in their relationships and marriages.

    It is a popular show such that Kenyans troll each other online over the weird and hilarious revelations that are told daily.

    File image of Jacob Ghost Mulee and Gidi Gidi
    Radio Jambo presenters Jacob Ghost Mulee (left) and Gidi Gidi (right)

    The show is even more popular because of the chemistry between Gidi and Ghost, especially with the hearty laughter of Ghost and the reassuring composure of Gidi.

    However, as much as they seek to entertain and reconcile spouses, Gidi revealed that most of the time the tales leave them crying in the studio.

    "Patanisho stories are every day problematic. Sometimes we have very funny stories, while other days we have sad ones," he revealed.

    "Some are so touching that we also at times get ourselves crying in the studio. Some even make us go silent in the studio because they are sad," he added.

    "There are other people who we try to reconcile but are just crying, and so we also find ourselves crying,” he opined.

    Their bond extends beyond the office as Gidi once bought Ghost a floral shirt worth $200 (Ksh 24600) purchased in the USA.

    A collage of Gidi gifting Ghost a Ksh 24600 Paisley shirt at the Radio Jambo Studios in 2021
    A collage of Gidi gifting Ghost a Ksh 24600 Paisley shirt at the Radio Jambo Studios in 2021

    In 2021, Gidi pleaded with Kenyans not to push for his show to be suspended following a crackdown by the government on radio shows.

    He further clarified that the aim of the show was to get feuding couples to reconcile and are not biased towards any gender.

    "Patanisho is just an icebreaker show with light moments to make partners reconnect, we have no issue with any gender. Laughter is medicine and can make quarrelling couples start talking. Please don't censure us," read his statement.

    In his personal life, Gidi grew up in the Dandora slums in Nairobi and crafted a name for himself as one of the best vernacular rappers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    A student of the famous Aquinas High School, he was an Undergraduate student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, where he undertook a bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.

    He would later graduate from Strathmore University with a Master of Business Administration.

    Equally, the radio host is famed for the hit song Ting’ Badi Malo a song he released with fellow artist Maji Maji.

    An image of MajiMaji (left) and GidiGidi (right)
    An image of MajiMaji (left) and GidiGidi (right)
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    They would later on release their second album, Unbwogable, whose cover track even enjoyed more media success and finally became a political anthem, popularising the Dholuo dialect Unbwogable all the way to Wikipedia.

    So strong was the Unbwogable rendition that it propelled the then Rainbow Coalition to victory while engraving its name in the country’s political history.

    Gidi is married with his family residing in France where he regularly visits.

    Ghost on the other hand was a footballer and a notable Harambee Stars National Football team coach before he joined Radio.

    He grew up in up in Jericho estate in Nairobi where football was a religion. He also attended  Ofafa Jericho high school where he was named the school captain and led his team to win the Kadenge cup in 1981. 

    After completing high school, he joined Iqbal FC in Division 2 and then proceeded to Volcano FC. Later, he joined and played for Re-Union FC.

    For another 10 years, he was with Tusker FC and won three league titles and a similar number of CECAFE cups.

    In 1997, he was appointed the assistant coach of Tusker FC and took over as coach in 1998. 

    He has had an interesting longevity of 10 years with the national team. Despite that, he has managed to keep fans entertained due to his studio chemistry between him and Gidi where they run a show that unites loved ones where possible.

    Among his achievements as the national team's coach is that in 2004, he led the team to the African Cup Of Nations (AFCON). This was the first time in 12 years the Kenyan team appeared at the African Cup Of Nations.

    The former football coach is also a husband and married for over 26 years and is blessed with three boys. 

    Former Harambee Stars coach Jacob 'Ghost' Mulee with FKF president Nick Mwendwa.
    Former Harambee Stars coach Jacob 'Ghost' Mulee with FKF president Nick Mwendwa.
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