Senator Revives Baby Sagini's Woes During Fiery Debate in Parliament

Baby Sagini
A photo collage of Baby Sagini being carried by his mother (Left) and the entrance of the Senate (Right).

Senator Esther Okenyuri on Friday, February 17, Issued demands on President William Ruto-led Kenyan Kwanza government over the condition of Baby Junior Sagini. 

The Nominated Senator asked the government to provide a list of responses pertaining to Baby Sagini's current health condition. 

In the list of demands, Okenyuri wanted to know how the young boy whose eyes were gauged out by relatives is fairing after he was taken into protective custody. 

"You need to update the Senate on the measures that the government has taken to ensure the provision of all his basic needs. 

Esther Anyieni Okenyuri
Nominated Senator Esther Okenyuri.
Essy Okenyuri

"We also want to know to the state mechanisms that the government has put in place to ensure an effective response to reported cases of child abuse," She demanded. 

Senator Okenyuri also demanded to be updated on the safety and security status of the three-year-old baby who was placed under state protection and if well-wishers have been allowed to offer support in compliance with the law.

Okenyuri maintained that the safety of Baby Sagini came first but advocated for the young boy to access all the necessary support that well-wishers were ready to give him. 

In January 2023, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko offered to fly Sagini out of the country for specialised treatment but claimed that his efforts were being hindered by unnamed politicians in Kisii.

Baby Sagini's Lawyer, George Morara, however, explained that nobody had stopped Sonko from helping the child.

The Lawyer, at the time, also advised the former Nairobi County Governor to follow the law if he genuinely wanted to help the child access better healthcare and justice.

“At the moment, the government is the custodian of the baby because of the serious security breach he has suffered. 

"Sonko needs to understand that there are laws and procedures to be followed before Baby Sagini is handed over to anyone wishing to help him,” Lawyer Morara noted. 

Baby Sagini went missing for hours in January 2023 before he was found dumped at his uncle’s maize plantation in Marani, Kisii County, with his eyes gouged out.

A collage of baby Sagini at the hospital (left) and former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko (right).
A collage of baby Sagini at the hospital (left) and former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko (right).
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