Nairobi Expressway Explains How Motorists Can Sell Cars With Installed OBU Device

An imageof a lorry pictured at the Syokimau entrance of the Nairobi Expressway
A photo of a lorry pictured at the Syokimau entrance of the Nairobi Expressway.
Moja Expressway

Moja Expressway Company, on Wednesday, March 15, explained the process of selling a car installed with an On-Board Unit (OBU) for an Electronic Toll Card.

According to the company tasked with running operations of the Nairobi Expressway, car owners seeking to sell their cars fitted with an OBU are first expected to remove the device.

The wireless device is removed from the windscreen where it is mounted or other position on the car preferred by the owner.

Driver holding OBU device on car's windscreen
Driver holding OBU device on car's windscreen.
MOJA Expressway

After removing the OBU device, motorists are advised to return it to Moja Expressway offices for deactivation.

The company, however, allows car owners to install the OBU device on another car after following the stipulated procedures and requirements.

"If you would like to retain the OBU and register a different vehicle, the service centre staff can assist to make the modification under the same account," Moja Expressway Company indicated.

Motorists with installed OBU devices easily access the Nairobi Expressway as cameras at the toll gate automatically pick up the car's details and open the gate when a motorist approaches.

To acquire the device, motorists are expected to visit Moja Expressway Company with their logbook and national identity card.

Corporate firms must submit a copy of the certificate of incorporation, a copy of the company pin certificate, an original and a copy of the contact person's ID, vehicle logbook and authorisation letter. 

The money is deducted from the account created by a motorist using an OBU device once they use the Nairobi Expressway.

Other motorists can directly pay with cash when they drive to a toll station entry point, pick a ticket and pay with cash at an exit point.

Another method is using Manual Toll Collection (MTC Card).

Graphics of an expressway using an Electronic Toll Payment System.