Waiguru Goes After 7,000 Plot Owners in County Crackdown

Ann Waiguru
Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Ann Waiguru

Kirinyaga County under governor, Anne Waiguru, on Thursday, March 23 announced plans to repossess all plots with pending land rates.

Waiguru urged the over 7000 owners to adhere to the guidelines lest they lose their lands. She emphasised that the funds were essential in aiding the county government to deliver services.

"Our hospitals need drugs, we need to pay doctors, rehabilitate roads and ensure an uninterrupted supply of water therefore we ask all traders and property owners to pay all due licenses and levies so we can serve the people," she urged.

On the other hand, according to the County Executive Committee member for Lands Samuel Kanjobe, the plot owners owe the county Ksh250 million, thus hindering development.

Undated photo of Kirinyaga County headquarters.
Undated photo of Kirinyaga County headquarters.

He reiterated that the defaulters had until March 31 to clear the pending arrears or risk the county government taking over the land and any developments.

"This time, the government is determined to take back its land from those who were given the plots but have not been honouring their part," he declared.

Furthermore, he dismissed claims that the county government had increased land rates adding that it was still using the municipal valuation roll.

Kanjobe hinted that the county was working out a new valuation roll that may see the current land rates increased.

"We have given people up to the end of this month to come and pay their arrears," the CEC emphasised.

Additionally, the county was in high gear to mobilise the residents on revenue collection through the campaign "Mapema Ndio Best", which seeks to guarantee 100 per cent compliance on payment of all trading licenses.

Meanwhile, land rates are taxes imposed by the government on parcels. The charges vary from one county to another depending on various factors, including the by-laws. 

Once the rates are paid, the plot owner is issued a rates clearance certificate. 

A signage warning buyers from purchasing land
A signage warning buyers from purchasing land.
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