Residents Storm Nairobi Police Station As Man Returns 3 Weeks After His Burial

Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station. A naked man stormed the Embakasi Police Station on Saturday night, June 13, 2020.
Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station.

Residents of Nairobi's Hazina, South B estate on Friday, March 24, caused a scene by storming a police station after an allegedly buried man returned.

Concerned residents paralysed operations demanding answers from the area law enforcement officer over the return of the man they had contributed to his burial three weeks ago.

Security officers had a tough time containing and explaining how the man, who was a renowned boda boda operator, had returned from death after a series of fundraising to accord him a befitting send-off at Nyambaterere village in Nyacheki division, Nyamache sub-county on March 3.

Makadara police boss, Judith Nyongesa, calmed the concerned residents who had shoved themselves into the stations. She explained that the boda boda rider was apprehended for blocking motorists in Nairobi Central Business District.

Hazina residents demanding answers at a local station on Friday March 24, 2023
Hazina residents demanding answers at a local station on Friday, March 24, 2023.

He was later jailed on Tuesday, February 14, at Nairobi West Prison in Lang'ata and transferred to Ruiru Prison.

The boda boda operator completed his sentence on Friday, March 24 and was set free.

Following the police explanation, the resident left the police station, convinced that the family had buried the wrong body

Reports indicate that the family had buried a body which was retrieved from a sewer which was badly damaged.

"The body was badly damaged, as if it had been burned with acid. His elder brother identified the body," stated one of his family members.

"Boda Boda operators participated in large numbers and money was raised for funeral costs due to the condition of the body - so that it did not get damaged further," he added.

Following the revelation, the police announced plans to exhume the buried body and open a probe into the matter.

"I have contacted the Nyamache sub-county police chief so that police procedures will take their course. I urge members of the public to be keen while identifying bodies to avoid such mistakes," the police boss announced.

An undated photo of boda boda riders in Nairobi
A photo of boda boda riders waiting for clients in Nairobi.
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