New AI Tool Jobseekers Use During Online Video Interviews for Correct Answers digital journalist John Mbati at work digital journalist John Mbati using a laptop at work on January 6, 2021.

Have you heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that give real-time responses to questions asked during online job interviews?

The idea behind the technology is to help job seekers who often give incoherent answers due to inexperience and poor preparedness. The two always rank higher among some of the main reasons applicants miss out on employment opportunities globally.

An example of an AI tool that has gained dominance in the job market is Ecoute - which provides answers, guiding job seekers on responses to give.

Ecoute listens to questions asked by human resource managers or CEOs, transcribes the question and gives you a real-time response. 

Undated photo of job seekers queuing for a job interview
A photo of job seekers queuing for a job interview on May 5, 2021.
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"Ecoute is a live transcription tool that provides real-time transcripts for both the user's microphone input (You) and the user's speakers output (Speaker) in a textbox.

"It also generates a suggested response using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 for the user to say based on the live transcription of the conversation," reads the AI description in part.

However, despite the platform being free, one has to install the technology on their laptop. 

Users are also required to run the setup on their machines before the AI platform begins to function. Notably, the process of installation is detailed on the website.

Nonetheless, despite the milestones, the AI tool can only be used in interviews conducted in English.

"We utilise the 'tiny' version of the Whisper ASR model, due to its low resource consumption and fast response times. However, this model may not be as accurate as the larger models in transcribing certain types of speech, including accents or uncommon words," the developers detailed.

Pre-Interview AI Tool - Interview Prep AI

Unlike Ecoute, Interview Prep AI helps job seekers to prepare for an interview by drafting the questions most likely to be asked. 

To use the platform, one must upload a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the job description and requirements. After this, the AI platform drafts several questions with a verbal mock interview conducted on the site.

At the end of an interview, the AI analyses the responses and gives the applicants a report on their strengths and weaknesses - which can be used to prepare better. 

While there is a free model for the platform, users are also offered the option to pay Ksh1,500, where one can repeat the interview five times.

However, some prospective employers consider using AI as a cheat code and may issue guidelines before interviews. 

A Shutterstock representation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
A shutterstock representation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).