Google Reveals 4 Remote Jobs Kenyans are Interested in

Photo of a content creator using a laptop
Photo of a person using a laptop.

A report released by Google on Monday revealed four top jobs grabbing the attention of Kenyans online.  

According to the report, Kenyans are looking for certification in the four areas to advance their careers and get new sources of income. 

The jobs include virtual assistance whose interest grew by 450 per cent, data analysis by 200 per cent, digital marketing by 200 per cent, and cybersecurity by 100 per cent.

"People in Kenya are also turning to Google looking for resources to build their careers. Searches for AI courses increased by 100 per cent, while searches for “online business from home” have increased by 250 per cent since last year, and “how to register a business” have increased by 200 per cent," read part of the report.

ICT CS Eliud Owalo (in glasses) at one of the Jitume labs in April 2023
ICT CS Eliud Owalo (in glasses) at one of the Jitume labs in April 2023
Ministry of ICT

The uptake of online jobs has been on the rise as more Kenyans look to get a second source of income, have flexible work hours, and adapt to the technological shift.

To encourage more Kenyans to join the digital space, the government has embarked on offering free Wifi and setting up Jitume laboratories across the country.

Meanwhile, in the report, Google discovered that more Kenyans are looking into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to also grow their careers and help in the job search.

According to the report, so far in 2023, the search interest in AI in relation to jobs increased by over 5,000 per cent.

Also, Kenyans turned to AI for CV building and revamping at a rate of 1,150 per cent. Kenyans were also interested in undertaking AI courses.

The search for AI-related courses doubled 100 per cent in 2023.

"Searches for “free AI image generator” (+2,500 per cent), “AI music generator” (+2,200 per cent), “AI website builder” (+1,600 per cent), “AI video generator” (+1,400 per cent), and “logo maker AI” (+1,150 per cent) all also increased," read part of the report.

Agnes Gathaiya, Google's East Africa Director commended the increased adoption of the new technology that is currently benefitting others globally.

"We are committed to working boldly, responsibly, and together with Kenya to maximise the potential of AI while minimising its misuse," she added.

Google offices in the US where major operations are run
Google offices in the US where major operations are run.
Napa Valley