DCI Arrests 3 in Runda Fake Gold Scam

A picture showing bars of Gold
A picture showing bars of Gold.

UPDATE: Sunday, October 15:  DCI issued a statement revealing how the suspects were trailed while conducting their operation leading to their arrest at a trap laid close to Momesa Vale.

''The victim had been directed to Kilimani where he was picked before being driven to Runda, where the deal was to be sealed. Unbeknownst to the scammers, detectives had laid an ambush close to Momesa Vale from where they struck and made the arrests,'' a DCI statement partly read. 

''Earlier, detectives had received information that the gold scammers associated with Trans-Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang, were targeting a South African national, whom they intended to defraud a colossal amount of money,'' DCI further stated.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives on Saturday arrested 3 suspects over a fake gold scam.

According to detectives, the 3 suspects were planning to defraud a foreigner of Ksh 5 million with reports indicating that the suspects are linked to and enjoy protection from an influential senator. 

The 3 suspects including a watchman and 2 ladies were arrested at a palatial home in Runda where 16 metallic boxes containing fake dollars, and fake gold bars planned to be used as bait to defraud the foreigner were recovered.

DCI raided the home after a South African national who had allegedly bought 30 kgs of gold scheduled to be transported to Dubai from Sierra Leone through Kenya lodged a complaint.

DCI headquarters in Nairobi.
DCI headquarters in Nairobi.

However, according to police reports, the buyer received a call and was told that his Gold had been confiscated upon arrival in Nairobi.

Thereafter, the foreigner flew into Kenya to take up the matter with authorities. However, upon arrival, he met a man who disguised himself as a customs official.

''I saw the consignment, my signature was on the consignment exactly as I signed in Sierra Leone'' said the victim.

''Though am not sure whether am going retrieve the gold the investigation is going on,'' he added.

The victim is now calling on police officers to speed up investigations and bring to book all involved in the scam.

''The suspect will be able to tell us where the gold has gone because I saw the consignment in his office, he is the only person who is able to tell us how the gold came to Kenya and how it departed to Kenya,'' stated the victim.

The three suspects were taken to Kilimani police stations awaiting arraignment.

Reports indicate that the gold scammers work in groups with the unnamed influential politician to defraud unsuspecting victims.

Various incidences have been witnessed in the past where foreigners have been tricked into buying fake gold and ended up losing millions in the process.

In June this year, a US Citizen working as a manager in Dallas, Texas was scammed Ksh 25.5 million by Kenyans operating from Mlolongo, Machakos County.

Gold bars on display
Gold bars on display.
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