Mother Cries for Justice After 3-Year-Old Daughter Hit by Drunk Driver

Photo of Loise Wanja with her three year old daughter
Photo of Loise Wanja with her three year old daughter
Derrick Mbugua

Loise Wanja, crying for justice weeks after her three-year-old daughter was hit by a drunk driver while playing with her friends.

The four minors were playing when the drunk driver rammed into them, leaving them with injuries.

The mother stated that the police arrived and arrested the suspect, but then released him the next morning. His car, however, is still at the station. 

Wanja revealed that she was not given the OB number, with the police claiming they would do so after the girl recovered.

Photo showing Loise's Daughter injured leg
Photo showing Loise's daughter injured leg
Derrick Mbugua

"I am the only parent to my kid and now I can't afford to go to work since she can't stay alone. She also has to be fed," Wanja stated.

The mother expressed disappointment that the man responsible should not be walking free when her daughter is at home.

Speaking in an interview with Kenyans., Loise narrated that her daughter currently is facing difficulties in walking.

"All  I want is for my child to get justice. This should also be a lesson to all those drunk drivers out there. It's honestly not easy that I can't leave my child alone since she won't be able to do anything," she noted.

Loise added that her daughter's friends were also still at home, nursing injuries. 

Cases of hit-and-run, and drunk driving have been on the rise, leaving victims with injuries and in some cases dead. 

In March,  a matatu drunk driver hit two young siblings, leaving them dead. The two were walking home from school when the accident occurred.

On Wednesday, teenagers who according to witnesses were drunk rammed a vehicle into the sidewalks in Nairobi CBD. 

Police Car
Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.


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