Mother Appeals for Help After Son is Shot and Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Capital City, Riyadh.
A photo of Saudi Arabia's Capital City, Riyadh.

A mother from Murang'a County has appealed for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the general public to bring her son, who is currently stuck in a Saudi Arabia jail back to Kenya.

Speaking during an interview on Saturday, the lady narrated how her son was elated after securing a job in Saudi Arabia but things would later turn awry as he was shot and arrested by law enforcement officers who did not give reasons for brutalising him and violating his rights.

While narrating her son's predicament, the mother revealed that her son was initially employed before he ventured into the cab business.

A man in handcuffs
An image of a man in handcuffs while holding a phone.

While working in Saudi Arabia, the mother revealed that her son was fired from his first job but he did not return to Kenya.

"He stayed in the foreign country and thrived but later on, he was arrested and shot. He was slapped with a two-year sentence and I hoped I'd see him after but he was not released," the mother narrated.

She revealed that one time while he was at work, police officers started shooting him on his legs. However, the duo shared little details on the cause of his arrest.

It was undisclosed what led to the altercation but in another call, the son would intimate that the entire predicament was a case of mistaken identity.

The mother's account was backed by the victim's wife who explained that her husband was a law-abiding individual who was only caught up in the shooting.

The family revealed that all their efforts to bring back the man to the country have been futile. They are being asked to send some money for him to be set free.

"We have called the embassy but to no avail. No one picks our calls," the wife revealed.

While being held in the foreign prison, the man speaking to his mother disclosed that more Kenyans were behind bars. He also complained that his health was deteriorating while in prison.

He complained that some of the Kenyan prisoners had been barred from coming back home despite completing their sentences.

Notably, the government has taken several steps to help protect Kenyans working abroad, especially in Gulf countries where Kenyans complain of being mistreated by their employers.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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