IG Japhet Koome Proposes Ban on Suspects Wearing Masks in Court

A photo of suspects who sold exhibit alcohol covered up during their arraignment in court
A photo of suspects who sold exhibit alcohol covered up during their arraignment in court

Inspector General Japhet Koome has fronted a proposal intended to have suspects attend court hearings without masks or sunglasses.

Speaking in Mombasa County at the launch of the Drug Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs Abuse, Koome stated that individuals suspected of crimes should show up in court barefaced.

“It has gotten to a point that we need to think about these face masks and sunglasses that we are allowing, suspects to wear in court, we need to see their faces in court, explained Koome”

Koome further insisted that there ought to be a change in how the government conducts its operations. 

Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome
Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome during a previous event.
Photo Dennis Onsongo

According to the Police boss, suspects should endure the shame of being presented in court for the alleged crimes committed.

In particular, Koome noted the case of four police office officers from Kirinyaga County who were presented in court charged with the sale of exhibit alcohol that resulted in the death of more than 17 people in the county.

Koome, critiqued their action of covering themselves up, elaborating that the public should have seen their faces as a form of punishment for their alleged actions.

While reinforcing his statements, Koome noted that for the government to be successful in saving society from drug abuse, the authorities had to move with a certain ruthlessness.

During the event, Koome was also keen to note that the National Police Service (NPS) had deployed a new regional commander in the county who was expected to intensify efforts towards curbing drug and alcohol abuse.

Additionally, he also issued an ultimatum to police officers to arrest at least one drug baron in the county in the 4 days duration of his duties in the coastal region.

The heightened efforts by the leaders are in a mission to eradicate what has been viewed as laxity of local authorities to deal with increased drug abuse in the county.

Koome also reiterated the Deputy President’s remarks of being fearless in the pursuit of the individuals behind illegal drug and alcohol abuse in the country.

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