Newly Married 40-Year-Old Woman Hacked to Death at Night in Murang'a

Detectives at a past crime scene
Detectives at a past crime scene

Residents of Kigio in Gatanga, Murang'a County, have been thrown into mourning following the discovery of the body of a 40-year-old woman on Monday evening, February 26th.

The deceased, who had recently been married, fell victim to a brutal attack by unknown assailants. She was hacked and had her head severed, consequently succumbing to her injuries.

According to reports, the deceased was on her way home after buying milk from a neighbour when she was attacked.

"She was in my house to buy milk and we parted ways on good terms at around 7.30 pm and we agreed to meet tomorrow. When I got to the house, I heard a scream in the coffee plantation," the neighbour remarked.

While speaking to the press, the lady added that she made a call to the deceased's family to see if she got home safely and was informed that she was yet to arrive.

The entrance at the Kenya Police branch in Murang'a
The entrance at the Kenya Police branch in Murang'a
Alice Waithera

Her lifeless body was found in a coffee plantation, the site of her demise. One of the residents revealed he also heard a scream and rushed outside with his torch only to find the lady on the ground.

In the wake of the horrific incident, the victim's mother called upon the police to ensure justice was served. She implored authorities to hold accountable those responsible for her daughter's

The residents described the deceased as a hardworking woman who did not have conflicts with anyone. They held prayers at the scene of the crime while condemning the act.

Police and detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are investigating the cause of the murder and those involved.

The heinous act has been condemned by a section of Kenyans who urged police officers to hold those found guilty culpable. Others opined that this may have resulted from a love triangle.

Besides the police, the government was asked to put in place more strict measures which would discourage anyone from taking other people's lives. Officials from the county government of Murang'a were asked to enhance security across the county.

Cases of gruesome deaths in Murang'a have been rampant with residents calling for prompt intervention.

In December 2023, a man stabbed his estranged lover killing her on the spot. The man was later beaten to death by residents who took the law into their own hands.

The man is said to have travelled to the girl's homestead to kill. He found the deceased's mother on the farm and attempted to harm her but locals intervened.

Also in the same month, a wife killed her husband over a suspected love triangle. She stabbed the husband and locked herself in the bedroom before police from Kiharu arrived at the scene.

The lady was arrested as police commenced investigations into the murder.

Couples are urged to seek counselling to resolve disagreements before resulting in murder or other criminal acts.

A police car pictured at a crime scene in Ruiru in Kiambu County.
A police car pictured at a crime scene in Ruiru in Kiambu County.
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