MPs Propose Creation of Ministry of North Rift Affairs to Help Deal With Rising Insecurity

President William Ruto chairing cabinet meeting at State House, Nairobi, on March 13, 2023.

The National Assembly's Cohesion Committee has proposed a raft of measures aimed at promoting security in the North Rift following rising cases of banditry.

During a meeting in Machakos County on Friday, April 12, the MPs proposed the creation of a special ministry dedicated to North Rift affairs in addition to the issuance of special guns in dealing with the bandits.

The MPs noted that the adoption of the new Ministry would not be peculiar given that other countries such as Uganda had created special ministries for areas that were facing security challenges.

It was also explained that the new ministry would help in dealing with the marginalisation of the area.

A display of G3 rifles.
A display of G3 rifles.
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"In an effort to deal with the marginalisation of the region, Members resolved that a ministry dedicated to issues of the North Rift region equivalent to the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs of Uganda should be established," read the statement by Parliament in part.

On the other hand, the MPs proposed the use of G3 guns among the police and the National Police Reservists (NPRs) who have been deployed for security operations in the area.

The committee noted that the issuance of the guns would be a tactical move aimed at helping the security agencies identify the illegal guns within the area.

Currently, some of the officers use AK-47s, weapons that are also used by the bandits.

"The Hon Yussuf Hassan-led Committee and the MPs held extensive deliberations before reaching an agreement that the government should set up a Fund to facilitate compensation for victims who lost lives and property to attacks that were instigated by bandits.

"They also want legislation that will safeguard the National Police Reservists Unit, remodel the unit, define their roles and enhance their training," read the statement in part.

The legislators have underscored the importance of clearly defined borders within the region to address the persistent insecurity, alongside calls for increased government investment in education.

In recent years, the North Rift region has been plagued by violence, prompting the administration of President William Ruto to initiate Operation Maliza Uhalifu in 2023.

Furthermore, officers from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are collaborating with the police in executing the security operation.

A photo of soldiers from the KDF and British Army during training in July 2023
A photo of soldiers from the KDF and British Army during training in July 2023
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