Amina Mohammed: Let Me Put This Matter To Rest

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has stated emphatically that the Uganda sugar deal has been blown out of proportion, with the main agenda of the visit totally forgotten.

The CS has emphasised that there was no deal signed and no agreement reached between Kenya and Uganda.

Amina Mohammed added that the talks with the Ugandan government involved discussions around various commodities and sugar was one of them.

She explained that the only matter agreed upon was the establishment of an East Africa Sugar Board to protect Kenya's sugar and ensure that what is being exported and imported is not from anywhere else apart from the region.

Amb. Mohammed has hinted that a meeting involving various stakeholders dealing with all the commodities in the region, is being planned so as to come up with beneficial trade agreements.

The supposed sugar deal with Uganda has fired up conflict between the Jubilee Government and the Oppostion, CORD.

CORD is planning major rallies across the sugar belt region over the weekend, in what they call an awareness exercise aimed at lobbying cane farmers against the controversial sugar deal.