Faces Behind Mandera Bus Attack Revealed

  • Police have released names and faces of prime suspects in the recent Mandera bus attack, where Muslims heroically dared al shabaab militants to either kill them together with Christians or leave.

    According to a press release by Inspector General Joseph Boinnet, investigations and intelligence zeroed in on four main masterminds of the attack.

    The four include: 44-year-old Mohamed Osman Aliow alias Okola who is said to armed and dangerous, Abdullaahi Dimbil Ahmed previously a madrasa teacher in Kutulo, Mohamed Ahmed Farah, relative to another al shabaab leader known as Mohamed Kunnow Yussuf and 27-year-old Abukar Mohamed Yunis.

    Boinnet indicated that the four were working together with other notorious al shabaab leaders hiding in Somalia.

    Police urged the public to remain vigilant and give information concerning the whereabouts of the four who are currently on the run.

    During the December bus attack, it was reported that two people were killed with three others sustaining injuries.

    Here are their faces: