Father Kills Children

A 62-year-old man in Ndhiwa Constituency, Homa Bay County, is on the run after he slayed two of his step-sons in cold blood claiming he could not raise children that were not his.

The two children, aged five and three years, were killed by their step-father - Walter Okara - after the wife had brought them from a previous marriage.

Witnesses claimed that the man had been constantly complaining about the idea of raising the two children, and had gone ahead to burn both his wife's and his clothes in an earlier incident.

It's alleged that the couple had marital problems, even though they had just been married for 15 months in which the man refused to embrace the two children.

Area Chief Samson Omondi, confirmed the incident and said the police have launched a manhunt for Walter. He further alluded that he knew the couple had marital issues, but he did not know it could lead to murder.

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