Jubilee Shockingly Attacks IEBC Over Okoa Kenya Signatures

  • The Jubilee Coalition has surprisingly faulted the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for frustrating the CORD coalition in its bid to hold a referendum.

    Speaking in a television interview, The National Alliance (TNA) Chairman Johnson Sakaja criticized the IEBC's verdict on the signature verification and the procedure used.

    “IEBC purported to be verifying the signatures yet they do not have any repository for verifying the them,” Sakaja complained. “We are extremely disappointed in the IEBC by the manner they conducted the process,” he added.

    The TNA Chair further disparaged a claim by the electoral body implying that it had taken long to verify the Okoa Kenya signatures since they were submitted in hard copy.

    "Why not indicate that CORD also submits soft copies of the booklets? Why is it that their activities seem to be shrouded in secrecy?" Sakaja posed.

    Sakaja, who was accused by CORD of working with the electoral body, noted that the signature verification exercise lacked observers hence attracted integrity questions.

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    The Legislator suggested that the poll body should let the Opposition add to their signature list the short fall, after failing to reach the required 1 million threshold. Only 891,598 eligible voters' signatures were verified. 

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    IEBC, however, maintained that it counter checked the signatures against the national identity cards and the owners eligibility as registered voters, during the process which lasted for months.

    Watch Video Courtesy of Citizen TV