Julie Gichuru's Unforgettable Surprise to H_Art the Band

  • Kenya's H_art the band has revealed how former Citizen TV News Anchor Julie Gichuru knocked them off their feet at an event they recall as their first time to ever perform at  an official event.

    The three-boy band stated that in 2013, Julie Gichuru payed them a 'whopping' Sh50,000 for performing a single song at her wedding anniversary.

    In a post shared on instagram, H_Art the band cited that shortly before the guests left, they got a chance to go on stage, where they performed the now hitsong Uliza Kiatu.

    "We Got a Chance to play one song woo-hoo!!!ELATED , we poured our H_❤ RT s on the stage that night with just that one song #ulizaKiatu. From the young to the aged we could see them dance & enjoy them Good Vibes. We were so proud of ourselves. After stepping offstage, she PAID us a WHOOPING 50,000 in CASH WE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT, WHAT?? JUST 1 SONG?? [sic]" H_art the band expressed.

    The Band noted that prior to Ms Gichuru's event, they had never performed anywhere else other than in the streets and therefore they felt unsafe carrying the Sh50,000. H_Art the band asked the former news anchor whether they could get a taxi to take them home, and to the blow of their minds, Ms Gichuru called upon her driver to chauffeur them home in a Range Rover.

    "Here is the best part, We had never seen such an amount of money in our Life so, we called the host aside & requested her to call for us a taxi *psst we were Rich Now* Imagine instead of calling a Taxi, she called her driver and we were driven to town with a RANGE ROVER *you understand why it is in Caps yes???" [sic] the post reads in part.

    The band stated that they had shared their experience with Ms Gichuru, as a reminder that every dream is valid. H_Art the band has since transformed into a popular music group highly recognised in the entertainment industry.



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