Kiambu County To Spend Sh360 Million On Posh Cars

  • Kiambu County is once again on the spot, this time over a deal that will cost taxpayers Sh360 million.

    72 County Administrators are set to get new posh cars that will cost Sh360 million.

    The motion which elicited heated debate, was passed in a County Assembly session, where 48 MCA's supported while 14 opposed.

    It is alleged that the tender for the purchase of the cars had already been awarded and the cars purchased prior to the tabling of the motion in the assembly, Citizen News reports.

    Sixty County Administrators and 12 Sub County Administrators are each set to acquire a car worth Sh5 million.

    The Kiambu County Government has previously been on the spotlight over controversial levies that have seen residents take to the streets to protest.

    Image of Kiambu county assebly