KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion Accuses CS Matiang'i of Secretly Campaigning for Jubilee Candidates

  • Education CS Fred Matiang’i has been criticised by union officials who stated that they received complaints from teachers who were angered by his engagement in political campaigns.

    Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion stated that his union had received complaints that Matiang’i had been secretly campaigning for Jubilee’s re-election in the pretext of issuing cheques for development programmes in schools.

    Sossion stated that the CS was not only breaking the law but was also undermining an earlier directive that his ministry had issued.

    “Rallies should be conducted outside schools during learning hours because it affects normal running of schools. In fact, this is a rule that was introduced by the CS,” Sossion stated.

    KNUT’s complaints came a day after Matiang’i went round schools in Kisii issuing cheques meant for infrastructural development while in the company of political leaders affiliated to Jubilee.

    “He is a State officer [and] if he is visiting schools accompanied by politicians, then Jesus is about to come back,” Sossion stated sarcastically.

    The CS asked residents to vote wisely, accusing some politicians of engaging in dramatic politics that do not add meaning to the lives of Kenyans.

    “Some of these people only come here to hold rallies filled with empty talk and dancing. They cannot even assist a school or church construction project,” Matiang’i stated.