Man's Lip Bitten Off While Defending Wife

  • A man is nursing serious injury after his neighbour bit his lower lip when he was defending his wife in Narok County.

    The neighbour identified as John Ngugi was reportedly insulting Jackson Mbuthia's wife for being an uncircumcised woman, when Mr Mbuthia came to his wife's defense leading to the nasty fight.

    Mbuthia's wife, Agnes Wanja, narrated that his husband was irritated by the insults spewed at her and tried to stand up for her, when Ngugi nipped off his lip.

    Mr Mbuthia now walks around with a handkerchief over his mouth while Ngugi brags around town that he taught him a lesson.

    Wanja revealed that Ngugi had not stopped threatening her.

    According to the doctors, the victim lost 50-percent of his lip and would have to undergo corrective surgery in order to recover.

    Distressed Mbuthia now wants Ngugi, who is also a family friend, arrested for the misery he has brought to his life.   ©   2018   All Rights Reserved