Meru Woman Rep Florence Kajuju Warns that Unfair Jubilee Nominations Will Result in Uhuru's Early Defeat

Meru Woman Representative Florence Kajuju, who is also an official in the Jubilee Presidential campaign team, has warned that President Uhuru Kenyatta will suffer an early defeat after it was discovered there is a plan to interfere with the party’s nominations slated for April.

According to Kajuju, the Jubilee strongholds in Mt Kenya are already witnessing massive defections from aspirants who feel there would be no fair nominations.

The legislator claimed that some well-connected politicians had a preferred list of candidates that they were conspiring to award party certificates regardless of the nomination outcomes.

She warned that if some of the aspirants are forced down on the people, then the consequences would be grave and would result in apathy and ultimate defeat of Jubilee in the Presidential election.

The woman representative was speaking during the weekend from her Tigania backyard.

Kajuju has fallen out with members of the KIKALI alliance where her re-election had been endorsed.

KIKALI is an acronym for Kiraitu (Murungi), Kajuju, Linturi (Mithika).

The alliance has since switched its support from Kajuju to media owner Kawira Mwangaza.