National Assembly Speaker Accused of Bias

Budalangi Member of Parliament  Ababu Namwamba has hit out at the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi accusing him of being biased.

In his statement sent from New York, Namwamba said as Speaker of the House, Mr Muturi should be unbiased and act as a mediator and not in prejudice.

“The Speaker is the ultimate arbiter in debates in the House. Like the blindfolded Justice Manequin in classical Greeko-Roman tradition, he must hear all impartially, without "seeing" the shade or hue of the debater,” he said.

The Budalangi MP faulted the Speaker for supposedly passing a verdict to the motion he is fronting to have salaries of top government officials slashed. Namwamba wondered why the Speaker approved the motion in the privacy of his office then demonized it in public.

"When Mr Speaker purports to preempt debate, to prematurely and casually pass a verdict either way outside the House, he shames the dignity of his office, compromises the authority of the House and defiles the sanctity of legislation," Namwamba stated. 

Namwamba who is also the Chairman of the Accountability Kenya Committee,  further clarified that whether his 50 % pay cut motion was termed populist, it was a just, moral, noble and timely mission.

“It is apparent that many who have rushed to oppose this motion have not taken time to appreciate its full import. By passing the motion, Parliament will not be usurping the role of effecting the changes in public service remuneration. No, Parliament will have 'spoken' as the national voice of citizens, the collective conscience of the nation,” he said.

Mr Muturi termed Namwamba’s motion as unrealistic and meant to excite teachers. He also expressed that it would be unsustainable as it was more of a benevolent act.

However, the motion which was filed on Monday has since been approved for debate when the House reconvenes on September 29th.

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