New Revelations On the NYS Sh 828M Scam Emerge

Investigations into the controversial Sh828.6 million expenses by the National Youth Service have been taken a notch higher, after revelations emerged that a huge portion of the money was to go to six companies allegedly owned by three people.

Six computers that had been seized from NYS employees, yesterday Tuesday revealed that six companies had been awarded the irregular supply tenders amounting to Sh695.4 million, Citizen TV reports.

The respective companies and the amount they were to receive include: Form Homes Builders (Sh 154.9M), Draco Capital (Sh 115.8M), Roof and All Trading (Sh 77.2M), Reinforced Concrete Technology (Sh 115.8M), Grunum Engineering (Sh 115.8M) Tegmen Trading (Sh 115.8M).

Cyber-crime detectives have been brought into the matter to identify the IP (internet protocol) address of the computer used in making the said irregular requisitions, to the six companies.

NYS Director General Adan Harakhe who is the holder of the Authority to Incur Expenses (AIE), maintains that someone hacked his account and accessed the system, making the irregular transactions which he had not approved, The Standard reports.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru has also noted that what raises more concern is that the said transactions were made after working hours.

Joseph Mugwanga the officer in charge of Banking Fraud Investigations Unit (BFIU) maintains that although no money was lost, there is a strong case of a conspiracy to defraud the service.

The Detectives are now said to be focusing on transactions amounting to Sh695.4 milllion after the BFIU traced the processing of tenders for road construction and supply of building materials worth Sh133.2 million to the principal secretary in the Devolution ministry, and cleared it as sound.

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