NGO Allegedly Steals 2.8 Million Raised To Treat Sick Child

  • An NGO has allegedly stolen Ksh. 2.8 Million raised for treatment of a sick child.

    The parents of the sick child in Muranga are urging the government to intervene and recover the stolen money.

    Kenneth Kinuthia, the child's father, says their child who was born with frontal Encephalocele, a frontal bone defect, was scheduled to travel to Canada today for a free reconstructive surgery.

    The child, Fidelis Muthoni, 15 months, requires an urgent treatment before the sickness disfigures her face further.

    The family met a team of doctors from Canada who had offered to treat their daughter for free.

    They embarked on raising money for air ticket and six month accommodation expense money they would need to stay in Canada as their daughter is treated.

    Its through this process that they met Benson Wanjau who claimed to head Hope Foundation-an NGO that deals with disabled children.

    The foundation advised they open an account through which raised moneys will be deposited.

    They also set up an M-Pesa paybill number 317081.

    The family put up photos of their daughter on social media seeking financial assistance.

    Later when the day for departure approached, they noticed Wanjau was reluctant to withdraw the money.

    They contacted Safaricom and learned that a total contribution of 2.8 Million had been deposited through the fund drive and Wanjau had withdrawn all the money.

    Wanjau identified himself as the child's father in the Canadian Embassy while looking for Visa. He claimed the child was critically sick and could not travel.

    Kinuthia says Wanjau has all the travel documents for both the baby and her mother.

    The parents reported the case to Muranga Police station. The Muranga Police boss Naomi Ichama said they are looking for Wanjau to get his side of the story.

    Wanjau has been in the winds since Friday, with his phone remaining switched off.