NHIF Paid For Jadudi's Medical Bill Despite 7M Fundraiser

There was a public rage on Wednesday after Kenyans raised concerns regarding the money contributed to help Emmanuel Otieno (Jadudi), a brain tumor victim, after it emerged that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) had taken care of his medical bill in India.

Prior to his treatment, a campaign led by Zawadi Nyong'o had been instituted by Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF) to assist Jadudi cater for his medical expenses. This initiative saw Kenyans contribute over Sh7 Million, which was 7 times the targeted value.

A report released by ACF claimed that the initiative was launched on 4th August 2015 under the name #IMilliForJadudi and received the money after only 48 hours.

However, a section of Kenyans on Twitter stumbled upon a tweet by a lady identified as @Slyy_w, who claimed to have reliable proof that NHIF had indeed catered for Jadudi's payments.

It was after this that Nyong'o came out guns blazing, defending the initiative that took Jadudi to India. She further claimed that NHIF came into the picture after Jadudi had already been admitted in hospital. Through her tweets, Jadudi's mother claimed to have unsuccessfully requested for assistance from NHIF. That was when ACF decided to start an online campaign towards the fund raising.

Zawadi approached a well known writer, Biko Zulu, and asked him to appeal to Kenyans to contribute Sh1 Million. Biko therefore, wrote an article That Thing In Jadudi's Head that appealed most Kenyans triggering the generous contribution.

On Thursday morning, Biko published another article named 'To Be Clear' dissociating himself with the financial aspect of the campaign. 

On August 29th, Jadudi's brain operation commenced at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India and was afterwards discharged to recuperate at home.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, ACF requested for more time to submit a statement concerning the issue at hand. Our efforts to reach NHIF, however, were futile.

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