Peter Munya Accuses William Ruto of Causing Division in Jubilee That Could Cost Uhuru the Presidency

Meru Governor Peter Munya on Monday told President Uhuru Kenyatta to be wary of Deputy President William Ruto's activitiethat could adversely affect him in the August 8 General Election.

Munya accused DP Ruto of causing rivalry in the Jubilee Party by discriminating against some members. 

According to the Meru Governor, Ruto had failed the ruling coalition by his conduct and constant public altercations with leaders.

"Number two has been doing all sorts of machinations to cut us to size but he is going to be defeated. He has failed the JP party. And in matters of running the government, let the public judge," he said.

Mr Munya, who has expressed interest in the Presidency in 2022, advised DP Ruto against causing havoc within the party but rather bring people together for a common cause.

"...but you win when you bring everyone on board so that the country can move forward together,” the Governor noted.

DP Ruto and Munya, who are both eyeing the country's top seat in 2022, have been at loggerheads for a while now.

Earlier, DP Ruto was accused of causing division in Munya's PNU party after allegedly holding a meeting with aspiring Meru Woman Representative Kawira Mwangaza to try and woo her to vie on a Jubilee ticket, owing to her huge following in the County.

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