PHOTOS: Julius Yego Unveiled As Tusker's Brand Ambassador

  • The 2015 IAAF World Javelin Champion Julius Yego has been unveiled as Tusker Larger brand ambassador.

    Yego confirmed the association on his twitter page.

    My name is Julius Yego, World Javelin Champion, and I am #TeamKenya #TwendeKazi #TuskerLager

    — Julius Yego (@JuliusYegoKE) September 8, 2015

    This comes days after the champion took to his Facebook page, right after his win in Beijing, telling off East African Breweries Limited (EABL) for using his name to promote their brand.

    The image by Tusker was a silhouette of a man throwing a javelin with the words 'YEGOLD! A WORLD LEADING RECORDS IN JAVELIN THROW #TEAMKENYA'.

    Yego had said it was wrong and he would not support it.

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    Yego won gold for his 92.72 meters javelin throw, best mark in the last 14 years and the third best record in the history of javelin.

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    His success sparked rumours that he had been offered Sh1 Billion by Qatar to change citizenship, allegations he strongly refuted.

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    Yego is famously known as the 'Youtube man', after he learnt the sport online.

    Here are the photos of his unveiling.

    World Javelin Champion @JuliusYegoKE unveiled as @tuskerlager ambassador. We are proud of the association #TeamKenya

    — IMG Kenya (@IMGKenya) September 8, 2015